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Misc Tools

(Under construction)
A web app that can open an unlimited amount of URLs at the same time.

AutoRun LWMenu

A portable desktop menu that can open other programs and manipulate them.
Clean URLs
Did you know many URLs (e.g. in job sites) expose your private info? ​This web app filters such info from any links you want to share.
Multilingual FAQ for Geeklog
I helped developed (originally as team member and eventually its head) a FAQ in which users see each question according to their language, including RTL support.


A chatterbot/virtual human-like representative based on the AI language AIML. This PHP/AJAX web app offers an API for any website.



A graphical front-end for Blat, a portable multi-purpose e-mail sender.
Flash menu for playing WMV files
A Flash selection menu that embeds a WMV player via dynamic HTML (since Flash couldn't play WMV files).
Geeklog Hebrew Support
Other than translating the secure Geeklog CMS into Hebrew, I helped developed its multilingual capabilities including RTL support.
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